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Our Commitment to Equity

Voices' multi-colored dots

At Voices for Georgia's Children, we envision a state where all children thrive. Our vision requires us to name disparities in child wellbeing and identify their causes. We prioritize equity in child wellbeing outcomes, and with data and community experience, we challenge assumptions about systemic and structural drivers of those outcomes. We ensure the broadest possible diversity of perspectives in our partnerships, forums, programs, and coalitions that inform our work and develop and promote our policy priorities. We are committed to the following practices:

  • Generate, disaggregate, analyze, and share quantitative and qualitative data to identify and rectify sources of inequities in child wellbeing;

  • Provide the necessary context for quantitative and qualitative data to support greater understanding of systemic and structural drivers of outcome;

  • Advocate for public and private-sector policies that promote diversity, inclusion, and equity;

  • Challenge systems and policies that create inequities, oppression, and disparities; and,

  • Engage all stakeholders, particularly those impacted by our work.

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