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Fair Treatment

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Why It Matters

The more protective factors a youth is exposed to, the lower their chances of committing youth violence or gang involvement.
The health and welfare of Georgia’s at-risk children depend on their staying in school and out of court. Georgia has experienced a 57% reduction in short-term secure confinement of youth since 2014, thanks to effective evidence-based therapies that are helping many court-involved children avoid future criminal misbehavior. Having successfully advocated for a long-overdue update of Georgia’s juvenile code, we are now taking a proactive approach to keep kids out of the juvenile justice system altogether.
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Where Georgia Stands


17-year-olds were arrested in 2022


Georgia schools have been trained in PBIS


of students who received out-of-school suspension in 2022 were Black, compared to 21% who were White

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Our Priorities

Highlights of Our Priorities

Raising the age of juvenile court jurisdiction

Improving school climate

Protecting a rehabilitative approach to treating children in the juvenile justice system

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